DIY Air Fresheners to Prepare With Natural Ingredients
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7 DIY Air Fresheners For A Breath of Fresh Air!

Do you crave a cleaner, fresher living environment in a world full of artificial fragrances and chemical-laden air fresheners? Then it’s time to give DIY air fresheners a try! Making your air fresheners not only lets you customize the aromas to your preference but also guarantees that natural, non-toxic components are only used. This post goes over seven delicious homemade air freshener recipes, highlighting the significance of each component and outlining the advantages of going homemade.

What Makes DIY Air Fresheners Better?

Better Indoor Air Quality: Artificial perfumes and hazardous chemicals included in commercial air fresheners can aggravate indoor air pollution. Since homemade air fresheners are manufactured with natural components, they encourage a toxin-free and healthier atmosphere.

Personalized Fragrances: Using a variety of essential oils and aromas, you can experiment with homemade air fresheners to create a unique aroma that lifts your spirits and fits your tastes.

Affordable: When you make your air fresheners, you may end up being more economical in the long term. Most do-it-yourself recipes make use of inexpensive, widely available common home ingredients, for instance, cinnamon, mint, lemon, etc.

Environmentally Friendly: Making your air fresheners at home helps you live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is a great way to cut down on the usage of single-use plastic containers and chemical-laden items.

How to Use Air Fresheners Made at Home:

Use as air freshener spray: You can prepare the mixture according to the formula and put it in a spray bottle for storage. For a quick hit of freshness, spritz your home’s fabric or air surfaces.

Make Sachets with Dried Herbs: Use essential oils and dried herbs to make sachets. Put them in closets, drawers, or any other place that could use a light, earthy scent.

Diffuse: To spread the scent throughout your house, use essential oil diffusers. Depending on the size of the room and your preferences, change the amount of drips. Check this article to learn more about safely diffusing essential oil blends.

Potpourri Bowls: To create an aesthetically pleasing and aromatic centerpiece, mix dried flowers, citrus peels, and essential oils in decorative bowls.

7 Best DIY Air Fresheners For a Fresh-Smelling Home!

Now that you know the advantages of making your air freshener, let’s get started with the recipes. And I assure you that the process is going to be a fun-filled and enriching one!

Lemon and Lavender Air Freshener – One of The Popular Homemade Room Fresheners 

Lemon and Lavender Air Freshener - One of The Popular Homemade Room Fresheners

This is one unique spray that is soothing and energizing at the same time. To prepare this air freshener, you need the following ingredients:-

One cup of purified water
Two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or vodka
fifteen drops of essential lavender oil
Ten drops of essential lemon oil

Lavender Oil is known for its relaxing qualities. This oil can lower tension and encourage relaxation by fostering a quiet atmosphere.
Lemon Oil with its energizing and uplifting scent brightens the room and offers a fresh, clean aroma while fighting unpleasant smells.

How To Prepare Lemon and Lavender Air Freshener?

Take a glass or plastic spray bottle and mix the distilled water and vodka well. Then add the lavender and lemon essential oils in proportions as mentioned above. Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Now you can use it to spray into the air, fabric, or linens to create a calming and energizing effect.

Citrus Burst Air Freshener – For a Cheerful Citrusy Ambiance!

Infuse your home with a burst of energy with this cheerful air freshener! Let’s check out the ingredients and their importance:

One cup of purified water
Two tablespoons witch hazel
Ten drops of orange essential oil
Eight drops of essential grapefruit oil
Five drops of essential Bergamot oil

Orange oil provides a cheery and invigorating aroma that fosters an optimistic and upbeat environment.
Grapefruit Oil is well-known for its invigorating and energizing qualities. This oil helps improve mood while fighting stress. And when it comes to fighting stress, you can also check out these aromatherapy tips for stress relief.
Bergamot oil is a nice fragrant addition to add a zesty yet floral tone thus making the scent well-balanced and delicious.

How To Prepare Citrus Burst Air Spray?

Take a spray bottle, and mix the distilled water and witch hazel well. Add orange, grapefruit, and Bergamot essential oils in quantities as mentioned. Shake the bottle thoroughly to blend the ingredients well. Spritz the vibrant Citrus Burst Air Spray around your home to uplift the atmosphere.

Spicy Vanilla Potpourri – One of the Best DIY Air Fresheners to Create a Balanced Environment That Smells Awesome!

Spicy Vanilla Potpourri - One of the Best DIY Air Fresheners to Create a Balanced Environment That Smells Awesome

A perfect balance of zestiness and sweetness, a potpourri is the perfect addition to your home that helps create a stimulant effect. Let’s check out the recipe.

1 cup dried potpourri base or rose petals
One tablespoon of vanilla extract and ten drops of essential oil of cinnamon
Five drops of essential oil clove

Vanilla Extract enhances the overall warmth of the blend by adding a pleasant, reassuring base note.
Cinnamon Oil is needed to add a zesty, energizing scent that is ideal for fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
Clove Oil adds depth to the potpourri mixture with its deep, aromatic perfume.

How To Make Spicy Vanilla Potpourri

Take a glass bowl and place the dried rose petals or potpourri base inside. Now, sprinkle the vanilla extract over the petals. The next step is adding the drops of cinnamon and clove essential oils. Toss the mixture smoothly to coat evenly. Now, it’s time to display the exquisite Vanilla Spice Potpourri in a decorative bowl or sachets for an enchanting fragrance.

Fresh Mint Eucalyptus Spray – One of My Favorite DIY Air Fresheners To Use Any Time of The Day!

Our list of homemade room fresheners remains incomplete without this refreshing mint eucalyptus spray. Let’s find out what ingredients are used to prepare the spray.

One cup of purified water
Two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol or vodka
Fifteen drops of essential eucalyptus oil
Ten drops of essential peppermint oil
The value of the ingredients

Eucalyptus Oil is well-known for its respiratory advantages. This oil helps to promote easy breathing and refreshes the air almost instantly.
Peppermint Oil provides a fresh, minty scent while stimulating and uplifting the mind.

How to Prepare One of The Warmest DIY Air Fresheners With Fresh Mint & Eucalyptus?

Add the distilled water and vodka to a spray bottle. Next, you need to add the drops of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. Sway the bottle well for proper mixing. Now that your Eucalyptus Mint Fresh Spray is ready, it’s time to sprinkle it around your home to refresh and invigorate the air, especially during cold seasons.

Pine and Rosemary Sachets – Increase Focus While Connecting To the Nature!

If you are looking for natural remedies to increase focus and remove mental fog, then carrying these sachets can be helpful! You need the following ingredients

Tiny bags for cotton sachets

Dried sprigs of rosemary
Essential oil of pine

Rosemary is known for its herbal, earthy aroma, which helps with concentration and mental clarity.
Pine Oil gives the sachet a calming, invigorating effect by capturing the sense of a forest.

Coconut-Lime Room Refresher –  A Delightful Choice For Christmas

This room freshener, with its exclusive ingredients, can make your home smell cheerful, and pure. Let’s check out how to prepare it. You need these ingredients to get started.

Coconut-Lime Room Refresher -  A Delightful Choice For Christmas

One cup of coconut water
One tablespoon of coconut oil
Ten drops of essential lime oil
Five drops of essential lemongrass oil
The value of the ingredients

Coconut Water gives the mixture a tropical, moisturizing touch while fostering a distinctive, cool vibe.
Lime Oil brightens the room and drives off stale smells while infusing it with a zesty, cheerful perfume.
Lemongrass Oil adds a fresh, lemony tone that enhances feelings of purity and cleanliness.

How To Make Coconut-Lime Room Refresher

Mix the coconut water and coconut oil in a spray bottle. Now, you have to add the drops of lime and lemongrass essential oils. Blend the ingredients by shaking the bottle thoroughly. Sprinkle the Coconut-Lime Room Refresher to bring a tropical and refreshing ambiance to your space.

Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil Diffuser Blend

This is an amazing homemade room freshener to create a warm, welcoming ambiance during Christmas. You need the following ingredients to prepare the diffuser blend.

Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil Diffuser Blend

1/4 cup of carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil)
fifteen drops of essential sandalwood oil
Ten drops of essential vanilla oil
The value of the ingredients

Sandalwood Oil has a woody, warm scent that is both luxurious and grounding.
Sandalwood’s earthiness is counterbalanced by the sweet, comforting note added by vanilla oil, creating a lovely and cozy combination.

How to Prepare Vanilla and Sandalwood Oil Diffuser Blend

Take a glass diffuser bottle and pour the carrier oil. Add the sandalwood and vanilla essential oils in quantities as mentioned above. Now, close the bottle and shake gently to mix the ingredients thoroughly. Use a diffuser to spread the luxurious and grounding aroma of the blend around your home.

How To Store DIY Air Fresheners Long-Term?

Follow these tips to ensure the longevity of your homemade air fresheners.

Use Dark Glass Bottles only: You should always store liquid-based air fresheners in dark glass bottles. This is the right way to protect the essential oil blend from extreme light exposure. Remember, essential oils tend to lose their therapeutic properties when exposed to light for an extended period.

Store in a cool and dark place: Keep your bottled air fresheners in a cool, dark place. This can prevent the oils from losing their potency.

Always use airtight containers: For dried herb sachets or potpourri, always use airtight containers to preserve the aromas and prevent moisture absorption.

Label clearly: The storage container should have labels, clearly mentioning the date of creation and the ingredients used. This ensures you are not using outdated products that have lost their potency.


Now that pollution is growing at an alarming rate, it’s time to resort to DIY air freshener sprays. The entire process is enjoyable and enriching too. Also, a homemade room freshener provides a natural and delightful alternative to commercial air fresheners. You can always experiment with the recipes, and adjust the ratios according to your requirements. So, it’s time to get started to inhale a toxin-free, refreshingly pure home fragrance!

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